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A Brief History of Faridpur

During the British rule caused one of the oldest names in Faridpur district. Many saints-saint, politicians, as well as the region's celebrated punyatmar home. The district was established '' in Fatehabad ''. Renowned saint and the saint Khwaja Mainuddin Chisty (R) and his disciple, Shah Farid (R) are named after the district of Faridpur. Faridpur district was established in the year 1786 when it was called the office and was covered in Jalalpur. AD 1807, it was divided in Jalalpur Dhaka and Faridpur district is known as the headquarters was set up in the town of Faridpur. Goalanda, Faridpur Sadar, Faridpur, Madaripur and Gopalganj districts montage is composed of four sub-division. Greater Faridpur district have been converted into five districts. Districts are: Faridpur, Rajbari, Gopalganj, Madaripur and Shariatpur. Haji Shariatullah Faraizi movement led by the district was expanded. At one time Gorai, Madhumati, barasiya, Chandana, Kumar, and the banks of the Nile lands were cultivated.

Alfadanga and miraganj main shrines were built. 52 blue factories of the district were incorporated. Danalapha was the manager. Like other districts were indigo. Led by Dudu Miah. Chief Deputy Bill was at one time marshy land was fertile soil and sediment of the river flood.There are many gloriously laid-Faridpur early glory. Faridpur district, established in 1786. The district was established in 1815, some say (Bengalipidiya). verses of 2072.72 squarekilometers. Kumar is currently located in the district town on the banks of the river. Faridpur municipality was created in 1869. Verses of 20.23 square kilometers. Rajbari, Manikganj district on the north and west Narail, Magura. Gopalganj district in the south-east of Dhaka, Munshiganj and Madaripur district. A total of Faridpur district municipality 5(Faridpur Sadar, Vanga, Nagarkanda, Modhukhali, Boalmari), Ward 36, 92 ghettos, union 79, 1859 villages. A total of 9 Upazilas. They are Faridpur Sadar, Madhukhali, Boalmari, Alfadanga, Saltha, Nagarkanda, Vanga, Sadarpur, Charbhadrasan.

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